About Lottie


At the age of 23 I decided to leave my hospitality job in England in order to travel to Bali for 2 months to partake in a 200 Hour Hatha yoga teacher training and then have a month of self discovery.

I have always had a very structured schedule with work and started to struggle with having the confidence to stand up and trust in myself. I didn't even think I was good enough to partake in a teacher training after talking about it for years my mum eventually pressed ‘book’ for me whilst I was listing reasons why I ‘couldn't’ do it. I started to connect deeper with yoga and music feeling emotions flowing inside which needed to come out.

March 21st 2019 I got on my first alone flight - 20 hours later I landed in Bali, somehow I wasn't nervous or scared I had a feeling this was right place right time.

I will never look back.

30 days intense yoga teaching in Bali to become a yoga teacher is what I signed up for, what I received was far beyond any expectations. Within a week I was laughing and crying more than I had ever done before, surrounded by the most supportive new family with a true passion for yoga and caring was magical. My confidence came rushing back, I felt comfortable sharing stories about myself which I perhaps wouldn't normally share. The amount I learnt in this month is truely amazing.

Here I am now, ready to share my story and passions having met and connected with so many amazing new friends and teaching yoga classes.

Please feel free to follow my new journey on here and perhaps come along to a class or even send me a message if I can support with anything.

This website is designed to help with my personal growth as a yoga teacher, I plan to use it as a base to share my passion and knowledge of yoga, mindfulness and positive life vibes.



Most important

  • Yoga

  • Mindfullness

  • Positivity

  • Confidence

  • Strength

LIfes Loves

  • Travel

  • Meeting new friends

  • Nature

  • Food

  • Enjoying every moment